How Patients Can Avoid Medication Errors – part 2

medication errors, medical errors, avoid medication errorsMistakes in medication cause over 100,000 deaths a year. Not only do people die, but also as a direct result of medication errors, close to 1.5 million worldwide fall sick. Why does this happen? Avoidable errors are not prevented in time, causing unnecessary tragedy, pain and heartache to people. It’s good to know what these medication errors are and how to protect ourselves from them. Here are a few common medication mistakes that are likely to kill or cause serious harm.

1. Ask your doctor about what your prescribed medication looks like. Or, go on the internet and do a search for images plus the name of the medication.
2. Check with your doctor as to why you’re supposed to take the medication.
3. Inform your doctor of any other medications you’re currently taking, to avoid drug mixing errors.
4. Check drug frequency and dosage, and write them down separately.
5. Check when is the best time to take a drug.
6. Check how long you’ll need to take a drug so that you can plan your activities.
7. Ask for clarification regarding the side effects you should expect, and find out what you should do if they happen.
8. Find out what to do if you happen to miss taking a dose.
9. Check if the prescribed drug interacts with other medications or foods you take.
10. Check if the prescribed drug is supposed to replace a drug you were taking earlier.

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