Unnecessary eye surgery

unnecessary suergery, Medicare fraudA Baltimore ophthalmologist allegedly performed hundreds of unnecessary laser procedures on Medicare patients, according to a federal lawsuit filed this month.

Some glaucoma patients treated by John Arthur Kiely, MD, underwent a dozen unneeded surgeries, and a patient may be blind because of the repeated procedures, alleges the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Between October 2002 and April 2009, Dr. Kiely treated glaucoma patients with multiple argon laser trabeculoplasties (ALT), lysis adhesion procedures and Yag capsulotomies that the government alleges were not medically necessary. Some of the procedures billed for were never even performed, according to the complaint. Read more

The government has teams of attorney generals and legal nurse consultants who investigate claims like this. What is interesting in this case is why this went on for 7 years before the physician was caught.

As an informed consumer, always seek out as much information as possible about why surgery is being advised for you and what alternatives you have. Seek a second opinion before undergoing surgery, particularly anything as potentially serious as changing your vision.

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