Our Mission

Have you ever

  • Feared that you or a loved one could be hurt by medical errors?
  • Wanted to know how you could be empowered to keep safe in the healthcare system?
  • Wondered how you could be an advocate for a loved one to avoid medical malpractice?
  • Felt powerless like no one was listening to your concerns about your health care?
  • Wondered how you could be healthier so you would not need as much medical care?
  • The mission of Avoid Medical Errors is to help you to stay healthy and to avoid becoming the victim of a medical error. You will receive critical information and tips to teach you, as a healthcare consumer, how to ask questions, be empowered, and to seek safe health care. You will get both a free magazine written by medical/legal experts and the opportunity for indepth essential help from our paid membership site.

    You will learn from our president’s expertise. Avoid Medical Errors was born from the experience of our president, Patricia Iyer RN MSN LNCC, in her work with medical malpractice attorneys. Over the past 24 years she has seen thousands of people injured by the healthcare system, and she want to share information to help you become a good patient advocate for yourself and your loved ones. Patricia is an authority on the topic of nursing and medical malpractice. She has coauthored or edited more than 25 medical legal texts. As a speaker and author, she has shared her expert knowledge with audiences of nurses, attorneys, paralegals and physicians.

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    1. Medical malpractice is the physician’s failure of a standard of care that eventually
      leads to damages and injuries to a patient. Medical malpractice is a serious problem that one should seek litigation for. Some people may find it very difficult to file suit. Some people do not know where to. Get your case reviewed by an expert.

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